Lorelei and Beaumaris Neighbourhood Renewal

Sherry Wallace from the City of Edmonton was able to join us at last nights AGM and Soccer Registration to talked about the upcoming changes happening to Lorelei and Beaumaris with Neighbourhood Renewal. There are lots of things involved with this project from roads being repaved, curbs, lights, and parks. Feb 28 There will be a Visions Confirmation and Community Options Event at Lorelei School that is drop in from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. It will go over what community members said in the Fall and will help the city confirm the things that are important to us.

Help shape your community come out and learn how this project impacts, changes and benefits you. For more information and to follow the project: https://www.edmonton.ca/transportation/on_your_streets/lorelei-beaumaris.aspx

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Mark after Dark: Rink Checker Wrap up Party

We are sad the cold weather has our rink closed. Hopefully it changes soon as we have some great stuff on the horizon. Jan 12 at 6pm. Join us for Mark after Dark: Rink checker wrap up party with Mark Connolly and Tara McCarthy. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/events/mark-after-dark-rink-checker-wrap-party-1.5005453

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Celebrating the Outdoor Rink!

Come down to the rink to enjoy the ice before winter is over. We have a rink party coming up from being First on the Ice because of all the hard work and dedication from our ‘Ice Man’. Join us in celebration of winterfun, community spirit and all the hard work that is put in to make our community great!


For the past few years we’ve had growing excitement with our rink. Today a man we all know and appreciate was honoured in a CBC segment by Mark Connolly called the Rink Checker. Take a listen!

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