Players will get to KEEP all the clothing items they receive from their coaches.

For hygiene reasons Please remember to wash your child’s jersey and other equipment regularly. Jersey’s left in soccer bags do SMELL. For hygiene reasons also please remember to wash and air dry shin pads.

Shin pads are mandatory for all players. Children without shin pads will not be allowed to participate in games or practices.


U5’s are NOT allowed to wear cleats. Regular running shoes are fine. Too many accidents occur when the little ones run over other players’ fingers when they fall down. Players in U7 and up MUST wear cleats for outdoor season.

Indoor shoes are required for use of the indoor soccer facilities and the school gyms for practice. You may choose to use indoor soccer shoes however regular indoor shoes will be sufficient as well. Cleats are not allowed at either of the facilities for the indoor season.


Should players be required to wear pants for religious reasons, a letter of permission from EMSA must be obtained. Please contact your Community Director who will be able to submit the request on your behalf.

Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, etc.) is NOT allowed when playing soccer.

FIFA (Federation International de Football Association – the world governing body for soccer) and the CSA are clear in this regard. A player cannot wear something that can hurt themselves or anyone else on the field, i.e. jewellery.

Medical-Alert jewellery or clothing required by player’s religion may be worn only if the referee deems it safe and does not give the player an unfair advantage. Medical-Alert jewellery can normally be made safe by wrapping it with tape, with the necessary information showing.

 A Player refusing to remove any type of jewellery at the request of the referee (including all external body piercing(s)) will not be permitted to play.


Eye glasses are allowed ONLY if they are prescription and ONLY if they are made of plastic and are non-shattering lenses. Sunglasses are NOT permitted unless they are prescription lenses. Sport glasses and sport glass covers are permitted.


The wearing of sports type hijab will be permitted upon a satisfactory pre-game inspection by the referee, as mandated by FIFA rule four, which states all items of clothing or equipment other than the basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined to be safe.

  • The wearing of other forms of the hijab will also be permitted at the discretion of the referee, but only after a pre-game determination that the hijab does not pose a danger to the wearer or any other player.

  • The objective in developing clear guidelines and communicating same is to ensure continuity of implementation across the province.


  • Hard casts (plaster) are NOT permitted – even if padded.

  • Soft Casts – if adequately padded will be allowed if the Referee approves it.

  • Braces are permitted – but if it is a hard brace or has edges – it must be padded.

  • If a player has a cast or brace to intimidate or with intent to injure – they will be cautioned and sent off the field.