Team Organization

Depending on the number of players & coaches registered in each community, players will be amalgamated to form complete teams. 

E.g. 3 players from Baturyn + 5 players from Kilkenny + 5 players form Lorelei could all be placed together as a Lorelei team or as a Kilkenny team.  We try our best to have players stay as close to the home community as possible but sometimes there are no spots available

Every effort is made to place kids on teams from your community. However if there are not enough kids then all the leagues in the area cooperate to build teams so everyone has a chance to play.  If you want local teams in your home community, you and your child are the best recruiters we have.

Transfer Requests

You have the right to have your child play where you want when possible and can request a transfer to play in the community league of your choice.

Transfer requests can be requested when registering online. You must still purchase a community league membership at your home community and attend your home community registration sessions. The transfer will only be approved after attending your home community payment session, additional charges may apply.

Age Movement

Teams are not filled on the basis of skill or experience.  Players are not seeded or tiered.  Children are placed on to teams based on year of birth and availability of a team.

“Age movement” places a player at a higher-age team can be requested when completing the online registration. A request to move downward in age due to a child’s mental and physical disabilities must be submitted in writing to your community director. This type of age request MUST be accompanied and supported by a letter from a physician. You will be notified of the decision in writing. The committee’s decision is final.


All teams are run by VOLUNTEERS; without a volunteer coached there are no sports teams. We rely on volunteers to fill the positions of coach, assistant coach, manager, etc. We do not have control over the quality of the coaches. If you would like to volunteer to coach or assist to help ensure that your child has a great experience, please indicate so on your registration form.

Coaches are always needed and welcome. If you are interested in coaching please sign up during the registration dates or send an email to the Soccer Director

Anyone 18 years and older is eligible to coach including former/current players. It can be very rewarding to give back to the sport and to the community and to see the eagerness and appreciation of the players of the future.

All coaches for U10 and up must complete a coaching course. The cost of the coaching course will be reimbursed by the community league once the course is completed. 

Assistant coaches/team helpers can be anyone aged a minimum of 2 years higher than the age group they want to do. The commitment is approximately 2-4 hours per week which is for practice and games depending on the age group.

All coaches, assistant coaches, managers, bench parents must complete a police records check. The police check must be done to be eligible to be on the bench with the players. If a police check has been done in the past outdoor season it does not have be done for the indoor season.

There is no personal cost for the records check and the cost of the coaching course will be reimbursed by the community league once the course is completed.