2019 Outdoor Soccer Season

The Lorelei-Beaumaris Community League is working on preparation for 2019 Outdoor Soccer Season. Our Board members are committed to improving our programs so they are more enjoyable for our Players, Coaches and Parents. Edmonton North Zone Minor Soccer Association (“EMSA”) runs the community based indoor soccer program.  EMSA North and communities cooperate to provide this recreational program for children in the area.  

Outdoor Soccer 2019 registration has been complete.

If you have any questions or requests please contact our Soccer Director soccerlbcl@gmail.com

Registration Dates

AGM and Registration Day

EVENT: Feb 20 2019 Wednesday from 6:00 pm – 8: 00 pm.

  • Registration Day: March 3rd 2019 Sunday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

  • Late Registration Day: March 17th 2019 Sunday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. (late fees apply)

  • Location: Lorelei-Beaumaris Community hall (Rink Shack) 16220-103 ST Edmonton, AB, T5J 2R7.

  • Online Registration https://emsasoccerportal.com/ui/?

Registration Requirements

Registration cannot be accepted without all pieces of information listed below:

  1. A Valid Family Community Membership (available for $25). Community memberships are available to purchase on registration day. Or online at (http://efcl.org/membership/ ).

  2. The first step of registration is done online at (http://emsanorth.com/play/register/). There are step by step instructions how to register. The online registration must be completed before coming to the community registration. Please bring 2 copies of your registration confirmation with you to registration day.

  3. One undated deposit Cheque for $250.00 per Volunteer Commitment (see information below).

  4. Player’s legal proof of age (eg. Alberta health care, please note: school ID will NOT be accepted). Registration can not be completed without player's proof of age.

  5. Proof of address.

  6. Late registration will be subject to additional commitments

Additional Registration details

  • All financial commitments must be made in the form of Cash or Cheques. We can not accept debit or credit cards. You will have the option to pay Registration Fee upon registration online, but you will be charged an extra 10-15$ for online payment (you may want to consider paying in person during the registration night instead of online).

  • There are no refunds for fees or volunteer commitments once registration has been done.

  • Each regular registration requires 1 volunteer commitment (e.g. working Bingo or Casino, helping with Canada Day or other events, etc) which you will sign up for during the registration day. Once you fulfilled your volunteer commitment, your 250$ will be returned. If you failed to fulfill it, the cheque will be cashed by the community. If you cheque does not go through you will be charged $50 fee for insufficient funds.

  • Each late registration requires 2 volunteer commitments.

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. No more than two family members may fulfill their volunteer commitment on the same night.

Soccer Spring Fees 2019.PNG

Fees and Games Information


General Soccer Details:

  • The season for Fall 2019:

    • Come back and check for future dates

  • Soccer Fees for 2019 Outdoor Season include: uniform (jersey, shorts & 1 pair of socks), individual/ team photo, general league fees, and U9 – U19 includes referee fees and U11-U19 technical session.

  • Here you can find more information about team organization, volunteering and coaching

  • Here you can find more information about uniforms and appropriate soccer apparel

Questions / Concerns

If you would like to submit a complaint about a coach, player, spectator, ref you must first follow the proper steps “Chain of Command”. Should one of the steps be missed, your complaint will not be looked at.

Step 1

Have you waited the required 24 hours cooling off period?

EMSA North Discipline Committee will NOT review any complaint that is less than 24 hours after the incident.

Step 2

Have you followed the proper chain of command on who you should contact? If you haven’t, then you must as the discipline committee will not the process defined below has been followed.





If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Soccer Directors for Lorelei-Beaumaris by email – soccerlbcl@gmail.com

For more information about Edmonton Minor Soccer Association please see Edmonton North Zone Soccer website http://www.emsanorth.ca