Lake Beaumaris assessment and rehabilitation

A group of concerned Castledowns and area community residents met on site with Councillor Dave Loken in September 2014 to express concerns regarding the deteriorating infrastructure of Beaumaris Lake and adjoining City of Edmonton Water Park.  On March 27, 2015 the group received an update on the situation regarding Beaumaris Lake.  They have been informed of the following from Councillor Loken’s Office:

In response to the on-going issues regarding the conditions of Beaumaris Lake the City of Edmonton has initiated a task force to respond to the concerns.

Under this initiative Beaumaris Lake will be the first facility to have an overall condition assessment completed. This initiative will be used as a pilot model to address other issues regarding lakes in the city in the future.

The task team is divided into two working groups. Each working group is a collaboration between the drainage, transportation, and parks departments in the city. The initiative is headed by the drainage department.

The first working group will focus on short-term and immediate concerns regarding Beaumaris Lake. This working group will be responding to regular maintenance needs of Beaumaris, as well as responding to any concerns that arise in the interim. As an example, this group will address concerns regarding the stairways and the brick pavers.

The second working group will focus on the medium and long term needs of Beaumaris.  This working group will conduct the overall condition assessment of the lake, and will develop a pro-active approach to rehabilitation of the assets. This group will look at permanent solutions to infrastructure that experiences ongoing repairs, and using the results of the overall condition assessment, will develop a prioritized list of rehabilitation needs. This group will facilitate capital planning and ensure that the recommended projects have an approved budget in place to be able to implement these projects.

The “Friends of Beaumaris” have worked hard to bring this issue to a plan of action so that we can all have a beautiful lake and that the infrastructure is returned to its original pristine state.  Thank you to all of the citizens working on this project and to Ed Rasko for sharing this information.