Join us on the CommuniBee App!

Check out Lorelei-Beaumaris on the CommuniBee App!

We are just coming live with a new way for you to stay on the pulse in the neighbourhood. Download the app now and check back to see what’s new.

Memberships for 2019-2020 will be available for purchase through the app soon and will be able to be stored, on multiple devices for your family making it easy to have your card handy when needed.

The Sidewalk Hangout Forum allows you to connect with other community members about the many things going on just like catching up with your neighbour on your sidewalk.

Getting the app is easy:

Step 1 – Download the CommuniBee App, either from the Google Play or Apple App Store

Step 2 – Sign up for a free account

Step 3 – Select Lorelei-Beaumaris from the list of communities

Using the apps calendar feature, you will always be aware of any and all upcoming events in the community.  And you can easily RSVP through the app.  For example, family fun day, soccer signup, etc. Anything that is going on in the neighbourhood!.  You'll even be reminded via push notifications.  There's also a section on our community amenities, local businesses, programs and a directory connecting you to all key contacts.  Under 'Documents' you will have access to all key documents, such as hall booking guidelines, block party grant forms, etc.

We are very excited to start using this app as a means of getting more residents in the community aware of and participating in events, and generally resulting in a more vibrant community.

To register directly to the Lorelei-Beaumaris community when you join, please use this link to register:

If you have any questions on how the app works, head over to the CommuniBee support page -

Thanks for your time!